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How to go Green

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Green design encompasses the use of hi-tech and low-tech systems, materials and techniques that result in occupant comfort and well-being indoors in beautiful spaces. Matching looks with performance requires the craftsmanship of more and more skilled artisans and technicians.

Green Certification


Certification is possible for architecture as well as interior design. Meeting performance standards and fulfilling laid down requirements are necessary to obtain such certifications. Other sectors include products, companies, cities and townships.

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Green Building Certifications
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Healthy Building

Healthy Building

How is the building you are in right now affecting your health? Be it your home, office or any other building, consider these risks.



Acoustic privacy is directly linked to the comfort and wellbeing of occupants. Unwanted sound, or noise, needs to be cut off.

Green Lighting

Green Lighting

Visual comfort is necessary from bright or low light. Lighting needs proper design and calculations to enhance the ambience.