Residential Interior Design

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Residential Interior Design

(Qty: area in sq.ft.)

Stage 1: As-built Layout Stage
For an existing building, the brochure image may not accurately reflect the construction on site. So, before proceeding with the design, it is important to prepare an as-built drawing of the property. The ecoinch team will visit the site and take measurements with their instruments and prepare the drawings either on-site or off-site. Depending on the size of the site, more than a day may be required for the final deliverables. The price indicated does not include the cost of travel or overnight stay if required for outstation sites. This will be either arranged by the owner or reimbursed on actuals.

Based on the accurate as-built drawing, we proceed to the next stage to begin designing. If you do not wish to get the as-built layout plan made for your site or have accurate measurements, this stage can be skipped. However, in this case, we can only work with what is given to us and cannot validate its correctness on site.

Stage 2: Concept Design Stage
1) Layout Planning
2) Mood Board Presentation: up to 3 looks to be provided
3) 1 Virtual Meeting
4) Feasibility of Green Features: Design analysis for a building to investigate which green features or strategies could be incorporated and how functional they will be. Conceptual design solutions and recommendations for possible greening.

Based on the selected look, we proceed to the next stage to detail out the selected design.

Stage 3: Development Stage
1) Layout Planning of the selected design
2) Mood Board Presentation: final look and feel, color schemes for the project
3) Bill of Quantities (BOQ) Costing: This is a line-by-line costing sheet of all major elements of the design to gain a better understanding of the construction cost for the selected design
4) 3D Views (3 included)
5) 2 Virtual Meetings

At the end of this stage, the design process is complete and the ecoinch team now proceeds to the next stage to produce good for construction / ready for fabrication drawings that can be used by the sub-contractors (such as civil, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, landscape, etc) for the execution of the project.

Stage 4: Technical Drawings Stage
1) Working Drawings: Plans, elevations, details
2) Building Services (electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning)
3) BOQ Costing: a blank template is also provided that can be used by the owner to get quotations from other contractors. An apple-to-apple comparison can be done based on the quotations provided by contractors using the detailed technical drawings and specifications given in this stage.
4) 1 Virtual Meeting

Rate is in per square foot of built-up area. Please enter your project’s area to calculate cost at the time of check-out (quantity). For plots where FAR is not confirmed, default FAR is assumed as 1.5 times the plot area (as total built-up area). This total FAR area will be used for the calculation of fees, irrespective of whether the whole area is utilized or not.


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1) As-built Layout Stage, 2) Concept Design Stage, 3) Development Stage, 4) Technical Drawings Stage


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