Campus Design

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Campus Design

including Campus Design and Urban Renewal projects

(Qty: site area in sq.ft.)

Stage 1: Schematic Design Stage
The applicable byelaws are implemented in detail for all the available concessions to the property such as the development control regulations, setbacks, applicable heights, parking requirements, landscape requirements, sustainability and other legal provisions required for a design to take shape. The site development framework is set up and the initial planning of the project is done as per areas distribution calculations.

During this stage, all the technical requirements for a property are put in place for the first impression of the size and shape of the built mass. This is mostly through a record of the client brief of requirements. Combined with the site opportunities and constraints, the project starts to take shape.

Stage 2: Concept Design Stage
1) Layout Planning
2) Mood Board Presentation
3) Feasibility of Green Features: Design analysis for a building to investigate which green features or strategies could be incorporated and how functional they will be. Conceptual design solutions and recommendations for possible greening.
4) Provisions for parking, utilities, form and shape of architectural blocks
5) Draft architectural design controls /guidelines, features and specifications
6) Draft urban design report

Based on the selected look, we proceed to the next stage to detail out the selected design.

Stage 3: Development Stage
1) Layout Planning of the selected design
2) Mood Board Presentation: final look and feel of the project
3) 3D Views (3 included)
4) Public area landscapes and planning, including street furniture

Stage 4: Technical Drawings Stage
1) Technical Drawings and Documents
2) Building Services (mechanical, electrical, plumbing)
3) Landscape and green building features
4) Final architectural guidelines
5) Final urban design report

Rate is in per square foot of site area. Please enter your project’s area to calculate cost at the time of check-out (quantity). For plots where FAR is not confirmed, default FAR is assumed as 2 times the plot area (as total built-up area). This total FAR area will be used for calculation of fees, irrespective of whether the whole area is utilized or not currently.

For Urban Renewal projects, contact us using the Ask Me form.


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Project Type

Housing, Non-Housing

Site Area (hectares)

0-0.5 ha, 0.5-2.5 ha, 2.5-5 ha, 5 ha+


1) Schematic Design Stage, 2) Concept Design Stage, 3) Development Stage, 4) Technical Drawings Stage


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