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(No more complex quality challenges, manpower costs, or unsold inventory – Just profit)

Which of These Challenges…


Are you struggling to harness passive income from your savings due to inefficiencies in design features?

Do you want to ensure the safety of materials used in your building’s construction to provide health benefits to occupants?

Are you seeking ways to implement plumbing fixtures that are efficient and systems that purify water, enabling recycling and water conservation?

Do you want to decrease energy consumption by integrating renewable energy sources to ensure efficient energy use?

Is stress and a lower quality of life due to poor indoor air quality a concern for your building’s occupants?

Are you seeking ways to enhance building performance by implementing energy-efficient measures and renewable energy sources?

Are you interested in integrating a smart and intelligent Building Management System to optimize energy usage through sensors and automated controls?

Are you concerned about the environmental impact of your building’s carbon footprint and considering greener alternatives?

Are you facing challenges in achieving high material efficiency and providing a healthier environment for occupants?

Are high maintenance costs hindering your profitability and preventing you from saving on water and energy bills?

Are you looking to make a positive social impact by designing buildings with dedicated facilities for service staff and occupants?

Are you aiming to establish a positive image and enhance goodwill by embracing green initiatives that resonate with customers?

Are occupant comfort and satisfaction driving your decisions as you strive to provide visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort?

Are you exploring ways to increase asset valuation and profits by incorporating cost-effective greening enhancements?

If you find these challenges resonate with you, take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone in your endeavors. Many building owners and managers face similar complexities, searching for effective resolutions to ensure success. But there’s a path ahead that can alleviate these concerns.

Introducing eco:inch, your trusted ally in navigating the intricate realm of green building services. We comprehend the hurdles you encounter – whether it’s optimizing resource usage, enhancing occupant comfort, or mitigating environmental impact.

Bid farewell to the uncertainties of passive income generation, increased operational costs, and suboptimal building performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of minimizing your carbon footprint, achieving material efficiency, and juggling maintenance expenses. No more worries about creating socially impactful spaces, gaining positive image and marketing goodwill, or achieving enhanced asset valuation and profits.

Embrace the simplicity and effectiveness of eco:inch’s green building services. We eliminate the ambiguities of sustainable practices, helping you achieve tangible savings, improved performance, and a positive environmental influence. You no longer have to tackle the challenges of green building on your own. Instead, experience the assurance that comes with a reliable partner attuned to the demands of the industry.

The future of sustainable building solutions is at your fingertips, and it’s attainable through eco:inch’s expertise. Join us in the journey and witness the transformation of your buildings into sustainable, thriving spaces.

The future of sustainable project management is here, and it’s within reach with eco:inch’s solutions.

Join us and experience the transformation.

Elevate Your Project,

Amplify Your Reach

With Implementation on Demand

Green building certification maximizes project owner benefits through its design features by ensuring long-term cost savings from efficient designs, reduced carbon footprint, and enhanced building performance. These features, combined with certifications, elevate property value and attract eco-conscious stakeholders.

Passive Income From Savings

Savings from design features such as overhangs, glass selection and other passive features add up to significant savings over the lifetime of the building. Green buildings are energy efficient, have better water and waste management.

Enhanced Building Performance

Implementation of energy efficient measures, use of renewable sources of energy, having proper daylighting, ventilation, water and waste management systems all contributes in enhanced building performance.

Smart & Intelligent Building Management System

Smart and intelligent BMS helps in optimizing energy usage by installing sensors and automated controls.

Less Carbon Footprint

Greening reduces the carbon footprint of the building by its reduced negative impact on environment.

High Material Efficiency

Greening involves the use of non toxic and low VOC materials resulting into increased health and efficiency of occupants.

Low Maintenance Cost

Green buildings incorporate unique construction features that ensure efficient use of resources such water and energy. This allows users to save on their water and energy bills.

High Water Efficiency

Involves utilizing alternative water sources, efficient plumbing fixtures, and recycling systems to reduce water waste and strain on resources.

High Energy Efficiency

Aims to minimize energy consumption by integrating renewable sources, leading to reduced dependency on non-renewable energy and cost savings.

Better Indoor Environmental Quality

Focuses on creating healthier indoor spaces, improving occupants’ well-being, and reducing stress through enhanced air quality and comfort.

Better Health & Wellbeing

Prioritizes occupants’ health by using safe construction materials, resulting in a healthier indoor environment and improved quality of life.

Social Impact

Green buildings are designed to have dedicated facilities for service staff and the building occupants which shows a positive social impact.

Positive Image & Marketing Goodwill

Embrace green initiatives that resonate with customers. Positive reputation, third-party endorsements, and higher rankings by professional bodies enhance your project’s credibility and goodwill.

Occupant Comfort & Satisfaction

Greening offers occupants comfort visually, thermally and acoustically which leads to increased satisfaction and demand in the market.

Enhanced Asset Valuation & Profits​

Cost-Effective Enhancement: Greening lowers construction costs while increasing building value. Added features enhance asset quality and performance, earning higher valuations from financial institutions and boosting cash flow.

Third Party Endorsements​

Stand Out with Greening: Differentiate your project with standout features. Third-party praise from established green building certification agencies adds credibility, showcasing quality and value.

Developers Share Their Implementation on Demand Journey


Attadeep master
Attadeep master
April 21, 2023.
Execellant approach right from baseline to expert level. It is to beneficial both for a novice as well as professionals.
Shekhar Gupta
Shekhar Gupta
April 21, 2023.
Mr. Anupam has vast knowledge on the subject and has set stringent parameters for analysis of the building / project. The data produced will be used to obtain the Green certifications from various authorities. He has induced a sense of LIFE and our responsibility towards the environment through the building department.
Sanjay Kumar
Sanjay Kumar
April 21, 2023.
Nice company with deep and vast experiences in the field green building design and consultation
Kapil Gupta
Kapil Gupta
April 21, 2023.
Fantastic lecture series, well curated presentation materials, in depth understanding of Green building ratings mechanism and friendly behaviour. It was three days workshop and this was the best time for me to understand green buidling rating mechanism and interaction with one of the highly skilled Green Building consultant as well as a great human being. Thanks for it.
aishwarya richa
aishwarya richa
April 21, 2023.
Knowledge about each topic is quite appreciable. Professional, technical soundness about green bldg with architect view is quite helpful for understanding basics. His workshop is worth attending.
Biplab Nath
Biplab Nath
April 21, 2023.
I have undergone training for GHAR rating system . Mr Jain is immensely knowledgeable and helped me in acquiring the same upto my satisfaction within a short period of time.
narendra pathak
narendra pathak
April 21, 2023.
Excellent demonstration regarding green building norms and methods of rating based on GHAR green building criteria .
Joydeep Sengupta
Joydeep Sengupta
April 21, 2023.
Enjoyed thoroughly each session of the training program attended at CPWD Training Academy. It has been great exchanges of ideas. Learnt a lot from Mr Anupam Jain on the existing Green rating systems, the practices in the real world and last but not the least, the newly developed rating system of CPWD, that is GHAR.
Narendra Sharma
Narendra Sharma
April 21, 2023.
Very useful for us. We learnt a lot.


Your Projects



eco:inch's innovative sustainability expertise will elevate your projects to industry-leading standards.
Let’s streamline your process, expand your global reach, and increase your project portfolio’s visibility!
Passive Income From Savings

Efficient design means big savings. Smart choices like overhangs and careful materials cut costs for lasting financial growth.

Enhanced Building Performance

Efficient systems, renewable energy, and optimized usage mean peak performance. Lower bills, enhanced comfort, and occupant well-being ensure success.

Smart & Intelligent Building Management System

Smart systems cut costs by curbing energy waste. Sensors and controls boost efficiency for streamlined management and lower expenses.

Less Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprint reflects global sustainability goals. It’s a commitment to a healthier planet that resonates with stakeholders.

High Material Efficiency

Smart material use cuts waste and boosts health. Non-toxic choices promote well-being, cost less in the long run, and support sustainability.

Low Maintenance Cost

Efficient resources = less upkeep cost. Lower expenses mean better returns, key for long-term financial success.

Social Impact

Our designs uplift occupants and community. Dedicated facilities foster inclusivity, social responsibility, and positive project perception.

Occupant Comfort & Satisfaction

Improving well-being boosts demand and reputation. Content occupants become advocates, drawing buyers and enhancing overall success.

Enhanced Asset Valuation & Profits​

Raising value via greening ensures financial success. Greater asset worth means improved returns, cash flow, and buyer appeal.

Better Indoor Environmental Quality

Certification ensures healthier indoor spaces, improved air quality, and comfort through efficient systems.

High Energy Efficiency

promotes energy-efficient design and renewable integration, reducing consumption and costs.

High Water Efficiency

conserve water via fixtures, recycling, and alternative sources, reducing waste and promoting responsible usage.

Your Vision


At the heart of Ecoinch Services beats an unwavering commitment – a commitment to shaping a better world through sustainable practices that align with your aspirations. Our journey is propelled by the fervor to catalyze positive change, making each endeavor a testament to responsible business. We stand beside you, poised to seamlessly integrate these values into the core of your operations. With a deeply ingrained ethos, all-encompassing expertise, and personalized solutions, we are tirelessly crafting a greener future that resonates across generations.

Our purpose is simple yet profound – to ignite transformative change through sustainable practices. We firmly believe that responsible business is not merely a choice; it’s a responsibility. Ecoinch Services is devoted to accompanying you on this voyage, offering the support and strategies needed to weave sustainability into the very fabric of your business.

Our team stands as a testament to experience and expertise. Every project we undertake is infused with a wealth of knowledge in green building design and construction. Our seasoned professionals understand the uniqueness of your goals, and that’s why we present tailor-made solutions that convert your vision into tangible reality. We don’t just meet expectations; we surpass them with pride.

Sustainability is far from static – it’s a dynamic realm that evolves over time. At Ecoinch Services, we grasp the significance of leading in this ever-changing landscape. Our pledge to you is a vow of continuous learning, adaptation, and growth. Opting for us translates to opting for a partner equipped with the latest insights, trends, and cutting-edge solutions in the realm of sustainability.

While environmental preservation is intrinsic to us, our notion of sustainability is all-encompassing. Sustainability extends to the very occupants who inhabit the spaces we shape. It’s about crafting environments that nurture well-being, health, and comfort. Our approach melds innovation with the latest green technologies to create spaces that optimize resources, curtail waste, and nurture a sense of harmony.

“Your Vision Our Mission” isn’t a mere tagline; it’s the very essence of our identity. It’s a commitment to construct a world where your dreams and sustainable practices seamlessly intertwine. We hold that collaboration is the cornerstone of progress. By partnering with us, you’re joining hands to forge a world that thrives today and stands resilient for tomorrow.

Your triumph is our mission. Together, let us metamorphose your publishing aspirations into tangible profits.

Yours sincerely,

Anupam Jain
MD, eco:inch

your vision our mission
Partner with Us and Embark on a Journey of Growth & Success!

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The World of Green Building Certifications:

Exploring Implementation on Demand


Passive income from savings refers to the long-term financial benefits gained by incorporating energy-efficient design features that lead to reduced operational costs, such as lower energy and water bills.

Overhangs and energy-efficient glass selection help regulate indoor temperatures, reducing the need for excessive heating or cooling, leading to energy savings and financial benefits over time.

Efficient water and waste management systems in green buildings help in minimizing water consumption and waste generation, translating to cost savings over the building’s lifetime.

Uncertified buildings may face challenges such as excessive water wastage and overuse, straining water resources and increasing costs.

Enhanced building performance signifies improved energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and overall operational effectiveness achieved through strategic design and technology integration.

Utilizing renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind turbines helps generate clean energy on-site, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and lowering operational costs.

Toxic construction materials in uncertified buildings pose health risks like respiratory issues and allergies for occupants.

Proper daylighting and ventilation improve indoor air quality, create a more comfortable environment, and reduce the need for artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation, resulting in energy savings.

BMS integrates sensors, controls, and automation to optimize building operations. It monitors and adjusts energy usage, lighting, HVAC, and other systems for efficiency.

High energy consumption in uncertified buildings can result in hefty utility bills and contribute to environmental degradation.

BMS uses sensors to gather data on occupancy, temperature, and other variables. It then adjusts systems accordingly, minimizing energy wastage and reducing costs.

An intelligent BMS enhances energy efficiency, reduces operational costs, provides real-time monitoring, and enhances occupant comfort by maintaining optimal indoor conditions.

A reduced carbon footprint indicates the lower amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the building due to energy-efficient practices and renewable energy utilization.

Greener building practices such as energy-efficient systems and renewable energy sources reduce energy consumption, leading to lower carbon emissions.

A reduced carbon footprint helps mitigate climate change, air pollution, and resource depletion, resulting in a healthier and more sustainable environment.

High material efficiency refers to the strategic use of non-toxic, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials that improve indoor air quality and occupant health.

VOCs are chemicals that can off-gas from materials and adversely affect indoor air quality. Using low VOC materials minimizes their presence, improving overall occupant wellbeing.

Non-toxic materials emit fewer harmful chemicals, promoting better indoor air quality and reducing health risks for building occupants.

Green buildings incorporate durable and efficient materials, reducing the need for frequent repairs and replacements, leading to lower maintenance expenses.

Efficient water and energy management systems in green buildings lead to reduced resource consumption, resulting in lower utility bills and long-term savings.

Green buildings often provide dedicated spaces for service staff and occupants, improving working conditions, comfort, and community engagement.

Engaging with the local community fosters a sense of responsibility, positively impacting neighborhood relations and enhancing the project’s social value.

Embracing green initiatives demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, resonating with environmentally-conscious customers and enhancing the project’s image.

Third-party endorsements from established green building certification agencies provide independent validation of a project’s sustainable features, building credibility.

Green building features like efficient lighting, temperature control, and noise reduction contribute to a more comfortable and productive environment.

Satisfied occupants become advocates for the building, attracting more tenants and buyers due to the positive word-of-mouth and enhanced reputation.

Greening improves a building’s energy efficiency and overall quality, which can lead to higher appraisals and valuations by financial institutions.

A higher building valuation can attract potential buyers or tenants willing to pay a premium for quality, ultimately increasing the project’s profitability.

Certification ensures healthier indoor spaces, improved air quality, and comfort through the implementation of efficient systems.

Green certification promotes energy-efficient design and the integration of renewable sources, resulting in reduced energy consumption and costs.

Yes, buildings without certification often suffer from inadequate air quality and discomfort due to ineffective ventilation and HVAC systems.

Inefficient ventilation can lead to health issues like allergies, decreased productivity, and discomfort, affecting occupants’ well-being.

Non-renewable energy reliance in non-certified buildings can lead to inflated operational costs and hinder long-term financial stability.

Traditional water usage practices in non-certified buildings can lead to higher expenses and a negative impact on local water availability.

Poor indoor air quality due to toxic materials can lead to health problems and a decline in occupants’ overall well-being in non-certified buildings.


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