Building Owner

As a public or a private body, the assets of a building owner are vehicles for delivery of their core areas of work. These assets are expensive to acquire and to maintain. Using quality assurance and enhancement of buildings for efficiency saves money on an ongoing basis, while simultaneously providing a superior environment for its occupants.

Existing buildings need to change with time and adopt better technology. Be it electricity or water bills, or even the comfort of occupants, an existing building can transition to a green building. 

Design Features

Passive Income from Savings

Savings from design features such as overhangs, glass selection and other passive features add up to significant savings over the lifetime of the building. Green buildings are energy efficient, have better water and waste management.

Enhanced Building Performance

Implementation of energy efficient measures, use of renewable sources of energy, having proper daylighting, ventilation, water and waste management systems all contributes in enhanced building performance.

Smart & Intelligent Building Management System

Smart and intelligent BMS helps in optimizing energy usage by installing sensors and automated controls.

Less Carbon Footprint

Greening reduces the carbon footprint of the building by its reduced negative impact on environment.

High Material Efficiency

Greening involves the use of non toxic and low VOC materials resulting into increased health and efficiency of occupants.

Low Maintenance Cost

Green buildings incorporate unique construction features that ensure efficient use of resources such water and energy. This allows users to save on their water and energy bills.

Social Impact

Green buildings are designed to have dedicated facilities for service staff and the building occupants which shows a positive social impact.

Health & Comfort Features

Positive Image & Marketing Goodwill

Greening is an environment friendly initiative and has a positive impact on customers.

In the process of buying a property, people research not just the project, but also the company, the team and who is saying what about them all. This is where the credibility of as many third parties as possible should be on your side. Professional bodies ranking your project higher has a positive impact on your image and goodwill.

Occupant Comfort & Satisfaction

Greening offers occupants comfort visually, thermally and acoustically which leads to increased satisfaction and demand in the market.

High Performing Building Features

Enhanced Asset Valuation & Profits​

Greening reduces the cost of construction of the building but increases the value of building.

With a host of additional features that improve the quality of the asset as well as make it perform better and more efficiently, the valuation of the asset is bound to go up. Banks and other financial institutions acknowledge these upgrades and assign a higher valuation to the asset overall and to individual buyers in your project, thereby ultimately increasing the cash flow of the project.

Third Party Endorsements​

Greening differentiates you from others and puts you in a highlighted space because of its features.

Playing your own trumpet has its benefits, but having others praise your project is the real test of its quality and value for money. An established green building certification agency gives a rating to projects, and buyers are able to associate the same credibility to your projects.


Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Applicable certifications:

  • IGBC Green New Buildings
  • IGBC Green Existing Buildings
  • IGBC Green Homes
  • IGBC Green Healthcare
  • IGBC Green Schools
  • IGBC Green Resorts
  • IGBC Green Factory Buildings
  • IGBC Green Interiors
  • IGBC Green Service Buildings
  • IGBC Green Logistics Parks and Warehouses
  • IGBC Green Campus


Applicable certifications:

  • GRIHA For Day Schools
  • GRIHA For Large Developments
  • GRIHA For Existing Buildings
  • SVAGRIHA (residential plots)

US Green Building Council (USGBC)

Applicable certifications:

  • LEED O+M
  • LEED Zero


Applicable certifications:

  • GEM Sustainable New Buildings
  • GEM Sustainable Existing Buildings
  • GEM Sustainable Factory Buildings