ecoinch: it's the most advanced solution.
Any theme, any project: Built Environment.

We are ecoinch IT. For all web development, software and hardware needs especially related to the BUILT ENVIRONMENT. Our team at its core possesses vast experience and domain knowledge in buildings, land, property, architecture, design and interiors.

Software & Technology

We love anything IT. Be it the implementation of an ERP to manage the sea of data on sales and marketing, CRM, supply chain management, payroll and user management – we have something to offer!

Typically we take care of the complete onboarding of a company to the digital platforms that frees up their time and drives leads and traffic to their business.

Hardware & Networking

Buildings are hard wired as much as they rely on wireless systems. We incorporate complete building intelligence into a home, office or institution – providing the necessary backbone to the system. Most often, we are the primary system in a building.
Our buildings are future ready and equipped with state of the art infrastructure to take care of high volume data and lighting fast speeds.

Why ecoinch?

At ecoinch one can expect the combined expertise of architects, builders, Chartered Accountants, tax professionals, engineers, interior contractors, furniture suppliers, and property management personnel.


"The plugin made by ecoinch is working well and has helped us streamline our work processes. This has resulted in increased productivity across the board as we are no longer bogged down by repetitive works."
"ecoinch gives regular IT consulting services to our company and makes us operational every day. From managing our costing works to as built documentation for updation of BIM model, we are working well."
Ramandeep Kaur