Managing Your Real Estate Assets Made Simple

Valuation Services

Property Valuation

Conducting valuations through IBBI (Insolvency & Bankruptcy Board of India) Certified Valuers for land & buildings + business valuations are conducted to present a true picture of the investment's worth.

Legal Compliance

Taxes and legal expertise to present the business case to the investor and help take a decision for sale, purchase or lease transactions. Professionals will guide through compliance matters related to real estate and other laws, within India and internationally.

Asset Management

A property is an asset on your balance sheet. Just as you would protect your other assets, professional expertise is required to manage your real estate assets.

 Post occupancy, our property management team will help manage the engineering, housekeeping, security and other day-to-day functions. Leasing of additional spaces to outside tenants or managing other properties through our real estate team brings the services full circle and the cycle can repeat with ecoinch being the Single Point of Contact and responsible agency to handle all client requirements related to the built environment.

Focus Areas:

Hard Services

Vendor Management
All Maintenance Works
All Statutory Compliances

Soft Services

Attendance and Payrol
Food & Beverage
Business Support Services
Office Space Management
Customer Relationship Management

Other Value Add Services

  • Help desk take care of all accessories related to office.
  • Distribution of keys to individual
  • List of all workstation, modular and storage keys.
  • Record of all keys
  • Distribution of access cards
  • Keep a record of visitors
  • Take care of stationery products, store keeping of products and order new purchasing according to the requirement and projects
  • Take care of conference room and projector system.
  • Taking care of all official letters and couriers
  • Receiving couriers and delivering it to the right person with sign records
  • Sending of any official letter or courier
  • Planning and arrangements for client visits
  • Arrangement of snacks and other requirements
  • Decoration and theme for the visit
  • Other necessary requirements in a client visit.
  • Maintaining relationships with third party vendors
  • Identify, formulate, estimate and list of works to be done by third party
  • Contact vendors with specific needs, bid process and selection\
  • Managing expenditures, supervising the work and final bill.