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Benefits of Going Green

Greening for a plot of area above 5000 sq.m gets government incentives regarding FAR.

FAR Incentives
Most development authorities give 1% to 5%+ additional FAR free of cost to certified green buildings as per their respective norms. Compliance is relatively easy as a consultant such as ecoinch takes care of all the necessary documentation. This one incentive is sufficient to make a business case to go green as a developer. The cost of compliance is marginal as compared to the additional inventory that can be constructed and sold.

Everybody is adopting green and is becoming a benchmark soon to be mandatory in the field.

Industry Benchmark
Green building certification is now an industry benchmark that most developers are offering as a standard feature on all projects. Clients are able to spot the projects where these are not offered and can associate a lower ranking with the project or the developer. On the other hand, projects with a host of features that establish the superiority of the asset – with proof are bound to put the project ahead of competition.

Greening differentiates you from others and puts you in a highlighted space because of its features.

Third Party Endorsements
Playing your own trumpet has its benefits, but having others praise your project is the real test of its quality and value for money. An established green building certification agency gives a rating to projects, and buyers are able to associate the same credibility to your projects.

Greening is an environment friendly initiative and has a positive impact on customers.

Positive Image & Goodwill
In the process of buying a property, people research not just the project, but also the company, the team and who is saying what about them all. This is where the credibility of as many third parties as possible should be on your side. Professional bodies ranking your project higher has a positive impact on your image and goodwill.

Greening offers occupant comfort and satisfaction which could result into increasing the demand.

Buyer Comfort Attractions
Not just the standard features, what else is the developer offering its buyers – this is the question on the minds of many buyers as the market is becoming more demanding. Adding features related to the increase in comfort and performance of your projects will attract the new generation of buyers who are looking for trendy features as well as experienced buyers who want their assets to deliver more.

Greening reduces the cost of construction of the building but increases the value of building.

Enhanced Asset Valuation & Profits
With a host of additional features that improve the quality of the asset as well as make it perform better and more efficiently, the valuation of the asset is bound to go up. Banks and other financial institutions acknowledge these upgrades and assign a higher valuation to the asset overall and to individual buyers in your project, thereby ultimately increasing the cash flow of the project.

Applicable Rating Systems

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IGBC Green New Buildings

IGBC Green Existing Buildings

IGBC Green Residential Societies

IGBC Green Affordable Housing

IGBC Green Resorts

IGBC Green Logistics Parks and Warehouses

IGBC Green Campus


GEM Sustainable New Buildings

GEM Sustainable Existing Buildings

GEM Sustainable Factory Buildings

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