Certified Sustainable Buildings

LEED, GRIHA, IGBC and all major third party certifications for buildings and products. Get recognition and endorsement for enhanced green features.



+ Comfort including thermal, visual and acoustic
+ Performance including energy, water, materials, and similar


+ Certification of any green building rating system is done as per choice and use. 
+ We can recommend as well


+ Measure and verify the on-ground results of implementing green building strategies through our design and build services.

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Get national and global certifications for the sustainable practices followed for the design, construction and operations of your buildings. 

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Certification Process

There are several stages to the certification process. Below is the process we follow for optimization of the project and delivery of services:

Stage 1 (Feasibility): The project is examined through a checklist framework to arrive at the current status. The current efforts of the design team and on-ground realities are analyzed to create a baseline.

Stage 2 (Goal Setting): The appropriate certification level and target setting takes place. At this stage, the missing links are identified and a business case is made for selected strategies to be implemented in the project. The minimum requirements and aspirations are defined. The Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) are documented (or updated) at this stage to set the performance goals for the project.

Stage 3 (Guidance): Detailed guidance is provided to the design, construction or operations team for the implementation of selected strategies. Hand-holding and support is provided by our award winning team for various aspects of design and execution. Policies are created, all design and engineering calculations are vetted. Feedback and improvements are communicated to all team members to ensure fit and ease of application. 

Stage 4 (Documentation): All works done for the project are neatly documented as per requirements and necessary formats of the certification body. These are supplemented by proofs of implementation and measurement of results obtained at the ground level. Site visits and audits are arranged and certification body reviews are used for completing the final application. Certification is done upon approval.

Market and policy trends have shown an exponentially increased preference towards certified buildings from:
Buyers, Renters and Government Bodies.


The culture of research has been the backbone of our innovative solutions for clients. To provide a set of comprehensive solutions, experts spend a portion of their time in vetting technical details and in presenting their research at leading national and international platforms. We also participate as experts on panel discussions and as advisors to important government and corporate programmes – presenting unbiased and scientific research on key areas of interest.

Some of our past work has been on the following topics:

Innovation is a key result area and is seen as an essential part of our strategic consulting business. In the rapidly changing world environment, both literally and for building science, we have taken upon ourselves to keep abreast with the latest and greatest and to adapt them to our indigenous needs.


Sustainability is the need of the hour. With the global realization of this fact, there is also a sense of urgency to deploy sustainable means of living. But while the intention is good, much is still left to chance, or to regulation - awaiting social approval that enables end users to make a change to the way we lead our lives. After all, sustainability is a lifestyle - one that we shouldn't be reluctant to switch to.