Health & Comfort Technical Studies

Daylight Analysis & Optimization

Daylight analysis through computer simulations is done to identify challenges and opportunities from the use of daylight in the space.

Thermal Comfort Analysis

Thermal comfort analysis is done to address any deficiencies in the air-conditioning and other space conditioning systems along with corrections.

Lighting Design

Any space can be greatly enhanced by the use of creative lighting design. Mood lighting and other effects uplift the spirit and make space extra-ordinary.

Lighting Controls & Automation

Building automation and sensor systems are used to save energy and enhance user experience of the space.

Natural Ventilation Analysis

This analysis determines the net effectiveness of implementing fresh air ventilation systems as well as façade design for operable windows.

High Performance Building Technical Studies

Energy Use Prediction Modelling

Computer simulations are done to estimate the savings in electricity based on a number of recommended Energy Conservation Measures, presented with a business case for use.

Energy Management Plan

An energy management plan is made to optimize the use of electricity, especially in spaces over 10,000 square feet. This serves as a guide for the operations team as well as occupants.

Water Management Plan

A water management plan is made to optimize the use of water, especially in spaces having many shower areas or other extensive water uses.

Waste Management Plan

A waste management plan is made to optimize the generation, collection and disposal of solid waste, especially in spaces over 10,000 square feet.

Building Façade Optimization

Façade design and optimization studies play a very important role in building design goals as it helps in improving the energy performance of the building.

Building Shades Design

Well-designed shading devices can dramatically reduce building peak heat gain and cooling requirements, depending on the amount and location of fenestration, reductions in annual cooling energy consumption can be seen.

Climate Analysis

Climate analysis is the process used to describe the micro climate of the site as it explains the state of the climate system and its evolution over some period in order to identify and understand systematic patterns of climate variability and the character of climate change.

Solar Insolation

By knowing the insolation levels we can determine the amount of sunlight or heat that is required and how to treat  the rest by sun controlling or shading devices.

Rainwater Harvesting

Collection and storage of rainwater runoff from rooftops, hard and soft paved areas leads to water reuse and groundwater recharge. It is mandatory is most locations.

Solar PV Analysis

Analysis to estimate the amount of solar energy available tells about the feasibility of solar photo-voltaic panels for electricity generation or for heating of water.