As a design professional, it is now fundamental to incorporate green practices in the design of your new projects. For starters, the codes are rapidly changing and stricter guidelines are being implemented through various bodies. Clients are asking for green features for their marketing and end use savings. Stringent technical analyses are required to check the MEP design and ensure compliance with stakeholder expectations. ecoinch services acts as your consultant to present multiple technical design options for the facade, material selection and complete MEP specifications. Superior designs vetted through our energy models, daylight models and electric lighting design can enhance the beauty and performance of your designs.

Design Features

Pre-Design Support (Concept Stage) # 1

Establishing the Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR). This establishes the design, comfort and performance goals of the project from a technical and administrative viewpoint. 

Pre-Design Support (Concept Stage) # 2

Integrated Design taking into account inputs of all specialist consultants at the design table itself. In a design charette format, structural, MEP inputs are integrated in a Design Brief Report format at the pre-design stage.

Schematic Design Support # 1

Testing and quantification of benefits: use of high yield passive design and climate-specific strategies for maximum performance.

Schematic Design Support # 2

Energy modelling to establish the major decisions for meeting requirements set out in the OPR: setting standards for MEP.

Detailed Design Support # 1

Integration of daylight autonomy in building design, keeping a balance between light ingress and heat gain from the sun.

Detailed Design Support # 2

Electric lighting design to enhance the architectural design. Interior areas, façade lighting, site and landscape lighting design. Meeting code compliance through emergency lighting design in basements and ancillary areas.


Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)

Applicable certifications:

  • IGBC Green New Buildings
  • IGBC Green Existing Buildings
  • IGBC Green Homes
  • IGBC Green Healthcare
  • IGBC Green Schools
  • IGBC Green Resorts
  • IGBC Green Factory Buildings
  • IGBC Green Interiors
  • IGBC Green Service Buildings
  • IGBC Green Logistics Parks and Warehouses
  • IGBC Green Campus


Applicable certifications:

  • GRIHA For Day Schools
  • GRIHA For Large Developments
  • GRIHA For Existing Buildings
  • SVAGRIHA (residential plots)

US Green Building Council (USGBC)

Applicable certifications:

  • LEED O+M
  • LEED Zero


Applicable certifications:

  • GEM Sustainable New Buildings
  • GEM Sustainable Existing Buildings
  • GEM Sustainable Factory Buildings