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Benefits of Going Green

Low Maintenance Cost
Green buildings incorporate unique construction features that ensure efficient use of resources such water and energy. This allows users to save on their water and energy bills.

High Energy Efficiency
Green buildings are designed to reduce dependency on energy from non-renewable sources , and to this end they have energy generation measures from renewables sources which helps in reducing the energy consumption & ensure that the building uses energy in an efficient manner.

Better Indoor Environmental Quality
Good indoor environment quality is one protects the health of the building’s occupants, reduces stress and improves their quality of life.

High Water Efficiency
Green building allows for the use of alternative sources of water such as rainwater, reducing water waste through the installation of plumbing fixtures that are efficient and reducing the strain on shared water resources by installing systems that purify water and enable recycling.

Better Health & Wellbeing
Green buildings enjoy many health benefits because of the safety of materials used in the construction of such buildings.

High Material Efficiency
Green buildings promote use materials that are long lasting, recycle and reuse of products, design strategies of these buildings should allow the use of fewer materials and processes that use less water, raw materials, and energy.

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