About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Our story

Ecoinch is a Noida based team of people who specialise in the greening of built environment. They work in the areas of green building, sustainable architecture, interior design and responsible construction. A combination of hi-tech and low-tech building science technologies are used to deliver services that meet basic needs and enrich the lives of customers. Ecoinch addresses the four dimensions of green: Physical, Mental, Financial and Social.

Physical: From greening of products to buildings, anything that affects the physical environment and well-being of end-users.
Mental: Greening of beautiful interiors, design and urban planning that makes users cheerful, efficient and comfortable.
Financial: Making a business case for decisions big and small. The only way for something to be sustainable is for it to be financially relevant as well. Green presents various opportunities to save or make money through its lifecycle, which is presented through easy to understand metrics.
Social: Greening the social impact of buildings to bring about positive change. Socially responsible interactions define the quality of relationships people and corporations maintain with their peers, clients and colleagues as well as external stakeholders.

The innovative eco+inch approach is used to deliver (green) plus (measured) outcomes. This implies quantification of value. Be it money saved or earned, energy saved or produced, amount of scientifically useful daylight, calculation of water conserved, waste weighing and diversion from landfill and so on. Finally, the team is able to calculate the overall value of the product, property or company itself based on its green quotient in addition to other factors.

Approach to Work

Clear and unambiguous language and imagery

Realistic, accessible, verifiable and endorsed claims

Simple, meaningful and like-for-like comparisons

Client Confidence = C1 + C2 + C3*

With the global COVID19 pandemic, human health and hygiene issues have come to the forefront. Any surface touched, air inhaled, the entire built environment: all are being critically examined for their human health and safety compliance. Placing entire countries in a total lockdown has reflected that just by being outside their homes and interacting with others, people might become unhealthy or worse, make others sick. This awareness has presented new challenges and brought to surface old ones.


To create and maintain spaces that are people-centric, technology-driven and environmentally-responsible.


We would like our customers to entrust their requirements to us and for us to take care of them in the best possible professional manner.

Be it for outsourcing a value-add to their construction project such as green building, or designing the corporate identity of their new office or designing the interiors of the house of their dreams, or to managing their entire property.

ecoinch is a multi-disciplinary practice that engages in design assistance, engineering and policy support for a sustainable built environment. The concept of green buildings is increasingly becoming popular and even seen as common logic on projects.

The implementation of sustainability measures in buildings is a conscious effort to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and to reduce our carbon footprint. It is to aide in this process that our experts work with design and engineering teams to innovate and inform the process with Best Management Practices.

We deliver high quality consultancy to clients who are established or new in the field of environmental sustainability through periodically conducted training programs for educational and corporate institutions.

The team at ecoinch has worked extensively on big and small projects in India and USA, as well as in Canada, UAE, China and Korea.