January 20, 2021

Sustainable Interiors

Doing the interiors of a building is very closely connected with the exact requirements of the occupants, their aspirations and personal preferences. We all want a beautiful space to call our own – whether it is the office, home or any other building. Interiors directly meet most of our daily requirements of form and function. Spending time in aesthetically pleasing spaces gives us a mental satisfaction and appreciation for the arts. Having our functional requirements met is another dimension of interior design. Be it the kitchen, wardrobes or storages, efficiency is required along with aesthetics and ease of use. Interiors caters to all five senses: touch, taste, feel, smell and see.

That is the reason why occupants like a personalized approach to their spaces and engage an interior designer to bring their dreams to life. Also, interiors do tend to be of a semi-permanent nature and one does feel the need to change or renovate periodically according to the latest design trends, new materials or even better lighting, or other factors. The ecoinch team understands this and therefore brings the latest design and aesthetics to life through their innovative eco+inch (green plus measured) approach. No false promises on whether the lamps will give enough light, or how to create different lighting moods, or whether there is actually any temperature control, or if the music is too loud in the other room, how will one be able to study in the other?

All these questions are answered through scientific calculations and three dimensional (3D) visual representations of the individual spaces. The best part is that since the ecoinch team is able to do this on the drawing board itself, the users can give their suggestions and make their spaces exactly as they are going to be. The environmental performance of the project is assessed at every stage and the carbon footprint is calculated as well: both in terms of carbon saved and comparison with similar buildings that use toxic or conventional ways.

The use of eco friendly material is not just better for the planet, it can make interiors better too. Combine that with the delivery of the final objectives of designing a space: user comfort. Through interior design, ecoinch delivers spaces that are visually, acoustically and thermally comfortable. The use of technology is done generously to evaluate each space for its performance on lighting design, glare control, sound control, and temperature control. Safety and security are the hallmarks of a good building and these are addressed through intelligent home automation systems that deploy the use of latest technologies such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. What one gets is peace of mind knowing that they can actually see the inside-out of their spaces any time of the day, from anywhere they want. This also gives one control over the electricity bill and onwards to a sustainable and resource efficient lifestyle.

So, it is ease of use and doing good for the planet, seamlessly and without one even realizing it. One of the recent phenomena is that people have started to realize the importance of healthy buildings. This is actually the central theme of green interiors. From the amount of toxic vapours inhaled to ventilation and lighting, all factors are planned for and mitigated at the design stage itself. The end product is free from any toxins and is just a better and healthy building for the occupants. Need one say more? Go ahead and get in touch with the team at ecoinch to see how your space can get green interiors that perform as well as they look and feel.