January 20, 2021

Sustainable New Buildings

The science of building design has evolved over the years and buildings are no longer meant to give just shelter. Buildings are meant to be comfortable, energy efficient, water conserving, material sensitive, technology driven and responsive to the needs of the occupants. New construction technologies have enabled the embedding of structural intelligence in upcoming buildings that allow restructuring of space as per changing requirements.

Planning a building requires deep intelligence into the mechanics of its components to control conflicts during construction and operations. Green building science allows the integration of structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire-fighting, façade and automation into the architectural design of buildings. Through precise calculations, one is able to predict the amount of cooling or heating required year-round for an energy efficient building operation.

This eliminates the age-old rule-of-thumb calculations that were used by engineers to size their mechanical equipment. True building physics allows the introduction of technologically advanced materials such as glass and walls – as assemblies of controlled heat transfer. Daylight optimization to ensure useful daylight versus just punched holes in buildings allows the freedom of expression required for an architect to create their designs.

New materials are being created and introduced in the market. Their environmental compliance is more demanding than ever before, with strict government regulations and environmental standards. Rising pollution levels and new forms of health concerns and viruses have forced a rethinking of the construction process. We are today witnessing a new revolution in the process of designing and constructing new buildings – one that is led by science and technology.

Ecoinch uses cutting edge eco friendly technologies and building science to deliver design solutions that meet the current and future compliances and user expectations. Each and every aspect of a building is critically analyzed by our team of experts to deliver buildings with optimum daylight, sound insulation, health parameters and thermal comfort. All of these with increased savings in energy, water, waste and materials management than a previously built conventional building.

Get in touch with our team today to see how your building can also be made green with measured results.