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Adopt a sustainable lifestyle and make your next project green.

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Success Stories

"What I love about these services is that the experts from ecoinch are not afraid to get off the beaten track and get us the real deals. This is rare and I will definitely return with family and friends who are looking for similar works."
Baani Poumai
HR Manager
“The house was everything I hoped for, and more. ecoinch really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the beautiful locations we stopped for"
Sarita Kumbhat
IT Professional

The Green System

How is it relevant to you?

The eocinch team creates better architecture and interior design for their customers by the use of environment-friendly practices.

One of their key differentiators is that they measure the success of their initiatives both on the drawing board and post construction.

Using their innovative ranking and third-party certification systems, projects follow a comprehensive system of going green.

A system that quantifies the impact of green building measures on the project’s architecture and interior design.

The owners are then able to justify their investment in a green building by taking the savings in electricity consumption, water use and waste recycling, to make a business case for its use.

It’s a win-win for the owner as he continues to enjoy the savings and features of a green building long after the investment has paid for itself.

It’s just lifelong savings and a beautiful building for them to enjoy then onwards.

Through the experience of having repeated the process for many projects, the experts at ecoinch are quite skilled at proposing solutions that the owners find a perfect match for their requirements.

This really is the secret behind the simplicity of their solutions.

Make every inch an ecoinch