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Elegant Designs, Comfort Providing and Performance Oriented Built Spaces.
Improved architectural design of green buildings, sustainable campuses and interior design to make life better.

Welcome to the new age of sustainable architecture for buildings. Expect more out of your investment and enjoy a lifetime of benefits including designer spaces, better health, comfort, electricity-bill savings, and more productivity.

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Success Stories

"What I love about these services is that the team from ecoinch converted my apartment into a chic home plus there was a scientific basis to everything. The interiors, especially the modular kitchen and wardrobe designs were very well executed. This is rare and I will definitely return with family and friends who are looking for similar works."
Baani Poumai
HR Manager
“The house was everything I hoped for, and more. ecoinch really makes a difference, I would have never discovered the comfort that has been possible in my own home. The interior design images shown in their portfolio converted to reality as our home's furniture pieces started to arrive. And I love that everything is so eco friendly."
Sarita Kumbhat
IT Professional


How is it relevant for you?

An Eco Friendly System

For far too long we have had to live in sub-standard buildings and there has been no method to get our expectations met with regard to the quality of built spaces.

For any item purchased, one expects performance, delight and betterment of our lifestyle. So why not expect something similar from buildings? After all, they are quite expensive in the first place but don’t come with any performance or comfort warranties.

Why not take charge and make your building eco friendly? Some essentials one can expect built spaces to deliver are:


for their occupants and owners. This has to be the minimum guarantee.

It is possible to create better spaces by the use of eco friendly technologies that are rigorously tested for their effectiveness. Success is measured both on the drawing board and post construction. Using innovative ranking and third-party certification systems, the impact of green building measures is quantified.

Such spaces create savings in electricity and water bills. Other features include: designer spaces, better health and wellness of occupants, maximization of comfort and use of latest materials and technologies.

There’s finally a system for us to get our expectations met as one enjoys the savings and features of sustainable architecture long after the initial investment has paid for itself.

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Architecture + Interiors

Residential & Commercial

Sustainable architecture and interior design encompasses the use of hi-tech and low-tech systems, materials and techniques that result in occupant comfort and well-being in beautiful spaces. Matching looks with performance requires the craftsmanship of skilled artisans and technicians.

Green Certification

LEED, IGBC, GRIHA, all others

Certification is possible for sustainable architecture as well as interior design for offices and flats. Meeting performance standards and fulfilling laid down requirements are necessary to obtain such certifications. Other sectors include sustainable products, companies, cities and townships.

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The following categories of courses are available:

  • Green Building Certifications

  • Sustainable Architecture Design Practices

  • Project Management

  • Construction Planning

  • Green Supply Chain Management

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