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Green Building Certifications for Built Environment

ESG for Corporate Sustainability Compliance

Strategic Sustainability Consulting


* Comfort including thermal, visual and acoustic
* Performance including energy, water, materials, and similar


* Certification of any green building rating system is done as per choice and use. 
* We can recommend as well


* Measure and verify the on-ground results of implementing green building strategies through our design and build services.


Sustainability is the need of the hour. With the global realization of this fact, there is also a sense of urgency to deploy sustainable means of living. But while the intention is good, much is still left to chance, or to regulation - awaiting social approval that enables end users to make a change to the way we lead our lives. After all, sustainability is a lifestyle - one that we shouldn't be reluctant to switch to.

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An Eco-friendly System

For far too long we have had to live in sub-standard buildings and there has been no method to get our expectations met with regard to the quality of built spaces.

For any item purchased, one expects performance, delight and betterment of our lifestyle. So why not expect something similar from buildings? After all, they are quite expensive in the first place but don’t come with any performance or comfort warranties.

Why not take charge and make your building eco friendly? Some essentials one can expect built spaces to deliver are:


for their occupants and owners. This has to be the minimum guarantee.

It is possible to create better spaces by the use of eco friendly technologies that are rigorously tested for their effectiveness. Success is measured both on the drawing board and post construction. Using innovative ranking and third-party certification systems, the impact of green building measures is quantified.

Such spaces create savings in electricity and water bills. Other features include: designer spaces, better health and wellness of occupants, maximization of comfort and use of latest materials and technologies.

There’s finally a system for us to get our expectations met as one enjoys the savings and features of sustainable architecture long after the initial investment has paid for itself.

Vinod Nakra
Vinod Nakra
May 21, 2021.
Have first hand experience of looking at their outpost from quality assurance perspective and found it world class.
TDC - The Design Company
TDC - The Design Company
May 9, 2021.
Anupam is known to me for over a decade and had an opportunity to work with him on several large-scale green projects. I appreciate his knowledge of sustainability and admire his approach to any problem to find solutions collaboratively. Anupam is professional, kind, very knowledgeable, and articulates the values of LEED and sustainability extremely well in projects.
Jatin Mangla
Jatin Mangla
May 9, 2021.
Their team is exceptionally good for the designs they deliver, the quality and professionalism that they show is commendable.
May 9, 2021.
One of the best green building company in Delhi NCR.. All the best for the new target and projects


Service Areas

Green Building Certification

Reducing the carbon footprint of our built environment starts from the design and construction of buildings, but extends for the majority of the lifecycle into the operations and its associated energy consumption.

ESG Compliance

GHG: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management

ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance Risk Management

What gets measured, gets corrected. Quantifying the carbon emissions through GHG Inventorization and accounting of activities increasing an organization’s carbon footprint is the first step towards its reduction.

Strategic Sustainability Consulting

Convey the efforts of your Company’s sustainability efforts to stakeholders through a detailed report of actions through industry vetted reporting standards used internationally.


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